Meal Plan – Week of March 4th

Another busy Sunday! Because the boys have their swimming lessons in the morning, the whole day seems pretty rushed. Despite the craziness that is Sunday, I always have this sense of satisfaction knowing I’m ready for the week ahead. Today, I prepped some muesli type recipe for our breakfasts for the next few days, made up an extra large batch of pizza dough and cooked a whackload of black beans in the slow cooker. We eat black beans frequently and I really don’t like all the sodium in the canned kind; by cooking them myself, I can control the amount of salt (none!) that goes into them. Dried beans are considerably cheaper, too. For the price of two cans of beans, a package of dried beans makes the equivalent of 6 or so cans.

Once I discovered the ease of making them in the Crock pot, I was sold. I don’t even pre-soak them. I just sort the bad ones out, throw them in the crock, add enough water to cover plus an additional 2 inches.  Cook on high for approximately 4 hours.

I came up with this week’s mealplan and actually ate the first meal yesterday (we were supposed to eat take-out but suprisingly, I ended up making dinner!)

This week’s menu:

Spaghetti in marinara sauce with meatballs and salad

Italian sausage pizza with mushrooms & red onions, garden salad

Herb marinated sirloin skewers, roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus

Slow cooker autumn sausage casserole

Thai meatballs in a hoisin peanut sauce, stir fried veggies on rice

Black bean soup with cheesy garlic toast

Takeout (!!! gasp!!! I know. I’m leaving for Montreal the next morning and need a night off cooking to get ready)


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