my new go-to potluck contribution.

We were invited to a friend’s place over the weekend to make acquaintance with two of the most adorable wee little lads and welcome them to the world. Couple friends of ours recently welcomed their newest bundles of joy within a couple of weeks of each other and a get-together was organized in their honour. It was a potluck dinner and, having no idea what to bring, decided to make up some fruit skewers. I’m not sure why, but I thought it’d be a good idea. And it was! They were hugely successful. By the end of the meal there was only one skewer left, which was promptly eaten up when our host asked for a volunteer to finish it off!

They’re so easy to make and the kids and the adults alike seemed to enjoy them. I hit up the fruit and veggie market up the street. They had great looking strawberries, bananas and blackberries were on sale. I whipped up some ganache (3 parts chocolate, 1 part heavy cream and a splash of vanilla) which I drizzled over the skewered fruit. Tada! (Somewhat) Healthy yumminess.



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2 responses to “my new go-to potluck contribution.

  1. Dave

    Must say I was the lucky one to eat the last one…very good V

  2. The look simply divine!

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