culinary burn-outs

I’ve been rather uninspired when it comes to cooking these past few weeks. Nothing seems appealing, my meals don’t turn out the way I expect them to and (the horror!) I don’t feel like cooking most evenings. I’m going away on holiday in two weeks and that’s all I can think about… 9 days at my parents’ idyllic home in the Laurentians. 9 days of no laundry, no cooking, no chores and… no relaxing. Trust me. Keeping a 2 and a 4-year-old alive and more importantly occupied for 9 days straight is a far cry from a relaxing vacation. But I’m looking forward to it nonetheless! Hopefully once we’re back I’ll have a new, fresh perspective on dinner cooking!

Monday night I made one of the first recipes I posted on this blog, Sweet potato coconut soup. I forgot to thaw chicken so we had it sans meat. It was still as delicious as ever. I need to add this to the rotation more frequently. The boys devoured it.

Last night.. Oh last night. Let’s not get into too many details about last night. Let’s just say it was far from my best culinary creation. Last week, paneer was on sale at the grocery store and I thought to myself “Oh! Awesome! I love paneer. I’m going to make a delicious curry with paneer!”  Sounds good, right? Well, apparently, despite it being in their flyer, the grocery store had no paneer. “We don’t stock it at this store.” the clerk tells me. “So why is it in your flyer?” I ask. “Because the flyer’s the same for all the stores in the area.” le sigh.

Anyhow, in an attempt to rejig my meal plan on the fly, I eyed some firm tofu and thought to myself “I’ll just make tofu curry” instead.  Sounds good again, right?

Wrong. Why? Because I’m pretty much the only person in the house that likes tofu (although I’ve discovered my eldest will tolerate it) And because I decided I’d improvise a curry recipe using the various indian spices I had in my cupboard.  And because I’m scared of deep-frying and my supposed “crispy” tofu idea turned into a soggy mess. And despite my telling the boys they were eating chicken curry, they were on to me the moment they bit into that soggy tofu. Do you remember the scene in BIG where Tom Hanks tries caviar for the first time at a holiday party?  How he spits the massive black gunk out and proceeds to wipe his tongue clean with a napkin? Yeah… I wish I had a video of Max at dinner to share with you.

I ate it. It was OK. It looked beautiful.

But honestly? Two words: Culinary.Burnout.

Trust me. You don’t want my recipe.


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