me vs the pin.

Sometimes I wonder why I try to win against Pinterest.  I always lose. Things always look prettier, easier and certainly more polished than anything I ever put out.

I’ll console myself and convince ya’ll that I’m proud to be keepin’ it real.

I found this pin for Apple Nachos on Pinterest last week and thought it would be a great snack for the kids. I decided to give it a try on Sunday morning.

The concept was great. The kids and I devoured the whole plate at 9:45 in the morning! I was so stuffed I had to skip lunch.

But, the truth is. My plate looked nothing like the pin. Natural peanut butter (or at least the Costco brand!) does not thin out and “drizzle”. It gets soft and well, soft. That’s about it.  Did you also know that peanut butter can burn in the microwave? Oh yes. It does. And it smells like burnt hog hair and looks like a crumbly mess of… you can use your imagination.

But, it was delicious. And easy, and sort of healthy. We ate the equivalent of two large apples, a banana, some nuts and some peanut butter in one sitting.




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4 responses to “me vs the pin.

  1. Yours still looks good. :-)
    AND, if it’s any consolation: the only reason the pin looks any better is because of the angle and lighting. :-)


    • It’s also possibly being shot with something a little more sophisticated than a $150 point and shoot. ;)

      • Most likely. :-)
        But learn to make that point and shoot rock!
        Haha. I BY NO MEANS consider my photos professional, but I’m using a little point and shoot that I bought a year or two ago for $100 with all the batteries, cased, etc. included. Use your imagination. haha!

  2. RnR

    Yours looks great, V! I’ve got that pinned too, but have yet to give it a try. I don’t think I follow you on Pinterest … that needs to change!

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