heeelp! shaaaark!


I’ve been MIA big time. I can’t seem to keep up with the blog these days. I have boatloads of photos and recipes to share, but I just can’t seem to find the time to come down to the dungeon, err… basement, to get it done. We’ve made the decision to move the office to the 3rd bedroom and room the boys together: bunk beds have been purchased and we’re in the process of selling the old furniture to make room for the new massive beds! I hope that by having the computer in a more accessible space I a) find it easier to update the blog and b) don’t waste too much more time on the computer. ;)

I just wanted to share the cupcakes I made for my nephew’s pool party/luau themed birthday party. I’m thrilled with the results and am excited to share! The shark fins and life savers are crafted out of marshmallow fondant, and the “sand” on the umbrella cupcakes are crushed graham crackers. I’m particularly fond of the life saver cupcakes, myself!




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  1. RnR

    Nice to see you back! I’ve been MIA on my blog for a few weeks too!

    I knew this post was about the cupcakes when I saw the title! They turned out so cute. Love them.

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