creamy tomato macaroni and cheese

Sometimes recipes go really wrong and can only be salvaged by tossing them into the garbage. Sometimes they go wrong, and turn out to be fabulous! This happened to me on Valentine’s day… The Littles had requested mac and cheese as their special Valentine’s dinner and I was happy to comply. I was too distracted trying to keep their sticky little fingers away from this:

that instead of grabbing a tub of ricotta from the fridge, I grabbed a similarly shaped yogurt container full of homemade marinara sauce. While I was busy craning my neck, telling the kids to get their fingers out of the icing for the umpteenth time, I poured half the content of the container into my cheese sauce.  I paused, gasped in horror then decided to give it a taste. It wasn’t half bad! I took the plung and poured the rest of the marinara sauce in, added some freshly cracked pepper and gave the mac and cheese a new name! The result was a creamy, cheesy macaroni with a hint of tomato flavour. I guess I acquired the taste for tomatoes in my macaroni & cheese from all those years growing up where I’d squirt ketchup all over mine! Let’s just say this version is certainly a little more refined.

Creamy Tomato Macaroni and Cheese

Basically, follow my Homestyle mac n’cheese recipe
and add approximately 1 cup of marinara sauce to your cheese sauce before pouring it over your cooked pasta.

I didn’t bake it this time but just served it as is.




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4 responses to “creamy tomato macaroni and cheese

  1. Sounds damn yummy to me!

  2. RnR

    Gotta love it when a mistake makes things yummier!

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