Cakes and cupcakes galore!

Cakes galore!

I lovingly crafted these cupcakes and this cake for my nephew’s 6 birthday. It’s easy to guess the theme of the party; my sister-in-law threw a little boy’s dream party complete with Padawan costumes, a Darth Vader visit, Jedi training and many treats! I was thrilled when she asked me to make the cake.

I used these brilliant William Sonoma cookie cutters to cut the shapes out of fondant.


I free-handed the letters using a template I printed out on the computer using a Star Wars font I found and handcrafted the light sabres out of fondant.


I added some gum paste to the Yoda heads so they would withstand the heat of an outdoor party and not wilt and sag.  I also tried making some Swiss meringue buttercream for the cupcakes. It tasted amazing!


I’m really thrilled with how they all turned out!






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2 responses to “Cakes and cupcakes galore!

  1. RnR

    How did your swiss meringue buttercream hold up in the heat?

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