showing off another one of my cakes

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I love  making kids’ birthday cakes! I’m really quite proud of the monster cake I created for my eldest’s 6th (yes, SIXTH!) birthday party. It was rather simple to make and I took a few shortcuts but it turned out great! All the kids loved it. The only negative experience was not having enough eyeballs for all the party guests. If I was to make it again, I’d have a 9-eyed monster!

T had requested a Sully (from Monsters Inc.) cake which I decided was impossible for me to make. Instead, I decided to create my own interpretation of Sully and made purple cake with blue icing.



The eyeballs were really quite easy to make! I bought a box of pre-made Rice Krispie squares and one full square rolled out into the perfect size…!

Then I coated them in some white, premade fondant (yep! I didn’t even make my own this time!) to cover the eyes. I cut out some extra white pieces for the monster’s teeth. Then, I coloured the rest of the fondant in the colours I needed for the eyes and made some extra black for the mouth. I used a bit of vodka brushed on the different fondant pieces to make them stick together. Worked like a charm! Stuck a few cake-pop/lollipop sticks in them and they were done!

As for the icing, I just made a regular buttercream and iced it using a grass (233) tip. I started around the bottom and worked my way around and then up. It’s pretty hard to mess anything up using that tip. It’s pretty straightforward. If you do mess up, just go over the problem spot again with some more icing. You can never tell!

The birthday boy loved his cake and has requested another one for next year… Although i’m sure he’ll change his mind by then!



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7 responses to “showing off another one of my cakes

  1. RnR

    Think this is such a cute cake!!

  2. Molly

    Wow – looks incredible!!

  3. Amazing!!! You should go into business!

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