a tv cake? you want a tv cake?

That was my first reaction to my nephew’s cake request for his 5th birthday.

What on earth is a TV cake? And why does a five year-old want one? I prodded a little more. “Well,” he said, “Since I’m having a movie party. I’d like a TV cake.” I tried to offer him some alternate ideas but his mind was made up. I had a couple of weeks to figure out how to design a TV cake. I decided to combine the TV along with the movie they’d be watching, Monsters University, and came up with this:


Not bad, right? The kids loved it too… Only mine had no idea what the buttons on the side of the screen were. Glad I didn’t decide to make an old-school shaped television!



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One response to “a tv cake? you want a tv cake?

  1. RnR

    I think you came up with the perfect cake!

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